Fundraising is a necessity for all registered charitable organizations and Pembina Active Living (55+) is no exception. With over 400 members, four programming locations; six yearly events; staff and contract personnel and over twenty programs, PAL (55+) is a large and ever-growing organization which requires a lot of resources. There are very few operating grants available to non-profit organizations and so as we grow PAL (55+) will rely more and more on internal fundraising efforts to help us fulfill our mission.

Pembina Active Living (PAL 55+) was conceived and driven by community members. In 2009, our founding volunteers began passionately working together to create programming for older adults in the community. Within weeks, the idea for the Centre began developing through the work of four committees and the original Board of Directors.

Today, PAL (55+) has approximately 400 members. Many of the original volunteers who attended the first gathering are still actively participating. The passion of the volunteers has allowed our programs to expand with new offerings that support the needs of older adults in South Winnipeg. Still, with over 12,000 seniors living in the surrounding area, there is much work to be done, and we are just getting started.

The Need for Connectedness

Isolation and loneliness are issues that plague seniors throughout Manitoba. In Winnipeg’s Fort Garry region, nearly 500 men and over 1,700 women age 65+ live alone. Our social programs provide seniors with activities that can lead to improved health outcomes. Specifically, older adults who engage in social activities can:

  • Lower their risk for developing a mobility disability
  • Lower their likelihood of displaying depressive symptoms
  • Improve memory function
  • Decrease their rate of cognitive decline
  • Lower their risk of dementia

“Research on senior centres demonstrates that participation is associated with social, mental, and physical health benefits” making centres such as PAL (55+) invaluable resources in the communities where they operate.

PAL (55+) is the only organization in the Fort Garry area offering recreational, social, educational, and fitness programming specifically for older adults.

Fundraising is not only an opportunity to increase our resources, it is also great PR. Corporate sponsorships allow many non seniors an opportunity to attend special events and to learn about our vital mission and the great work that PAL (55+) is doing in the community. It is a great way to showcase our accomplishments and to highlight our goals and vision. Fundraising brings our community together!

Past accomplishments

In October of 2012, the fundraising committee organized PAL’s first fundraising dinner which was a great success! Other fundraising endeavours have included the Kin Kar Raffle, Grey Cup Raffle, bake sales, Player’s Choice raffle’s, book sales, garden club gift cards, 50/50 draws and food and wine pairing events.

Successful fundraising requires many volunteers. Please contact us and share your skills. All contributions, big or small are greatly appreciated.