Photo Gallery

Please enjoy the photo gallery of PAL events from over the years.

Field Trip to the Leaf

Slides provided by Marla Olinyk.

Jan 23, 2023

We had 26 people and 3 staff exploring the new biodomes at Assiniboine Park.

Bus transportation was donated by City Counselor Janice Lukes.

If you are able please take a trip and explore. As the domes get very hot, there is a place to hang your coats however, it is not a secure space.

Mobile Physiotherapy and its Benefits

PAL Cares at St. Mary’s Church

Frauds & Scams

Home Safety

Bocce at Caboto Centre

The Joy of Reading and Writing

St. Norbert Cenotaph Remembrance Day 2022

Meditation and Banghra Dance

Flower Arrangment with Garden Plants


Glacial Lake Agassiz

Please enjoy our photo gallery of events from the last year at PAL (55+)

Benefits and Resources for Seniors

Truth and Reconciliation 2022

PAL Picnic and Membership Drive

PAL Pedallers August 2022

2022 Annual General Meeting

Volunteer Appreciation

PAL/FGMC Pickleball Wind-Up

Small Garden Spaces

Brain Health

South Winnipeg Food Drive for Harvest

Still Bloomin’ Herb Garden Tips

PAL Cares Volunteers tour of Siloam Mission

Whyte Ridge CC Windows

Easter Edibles Cookie Decorating Workshop by Marla Olinyk

Still Bloomin’ Gardening Club presents “Year of the Garden 2022” via Zoom

Zing into Spring 2022

PAL CARES March 22, 2022

Food Safe March 7, 2022

PAL CARES February 22, 2022

Valentine’s Tea February 15, 2022

PAL Cafe February 9, 2022

Christmas Tea December 14, 2021. Slides created by Marla Olinyk.

Celebration of Cultural Diversity December 5, 2021. Photos were taken by Susan Fletcher.

Urban Pole Walking Schofield September 2020 photos by S Sukhan

PAL Pedalers October 2020, photos by Louise Moore

PAL Pedalers Sept. 2020 photos by L Moore and D Kenny-Lodewyks

Urban Pole Walking Fort Whyte July 2020 photos by S Sukhan

Roti Demonstration July 2020 photos by M Wilcock

Special Interest Presentation Vinegars and Extracts July 2020 photos by R Sukhan

Special Interest Presentation Coconut Buns photos by R Sukhan

Walking Group July 24, 2020 JJ

Yoga in the Park July 23 2020 – three (3) photos taken by AR (Andrea Robin)

PAL (55+) Billboard 2020 photos by Tony Zienkiewcz

Karla Weir Book Launch Feb. 6, 2020 photos by Tony Zienkiewicz

2020 January PAL (55+) Still Bloomin’ photos by Tony Zienkiewicz

PAL Christmas Party Dec 2019 photos by Tony Zienkiewicz and Louise Moore

Photographic Disclaimer

Pembina Active Living (55+) is developing a visual history that includes photos from our many events and programs. These photos are used on our website, newsletters, media releases and other promotional materials. Only official photographs will be archived and used for PAL (55+) promotions. If you do not wish to be photographed, please let our staff know and they will do their best to respect your wishes. You will always have an opportunity to opt out of closeup photographs; however, there are occasions when you may be included in a group photo. Photographs posted on the PAL website will be removed upon written request to and approval from the Executive Director. Any photographs removed from our website will also be removed from our archives.