Calling all Gardeners

October 05, 2014

Do you love to garden and can you spend a few hours  bi-weekly at King’s Park?  If you answered “yes”, read on. Still Bloomin’ needs your help.

Marion Goodwin and Ruth and Maurice Tryhuk of the Still Bloomin’ Gardening Club have been looking after the planting of flowers in the waterfall garden and the hosta garden at King’s Park for  several years, along with a number of Still Bloomin’ Gardening Club volunteers.  They now need several dedicated gardeners to step forward with a commitment to assist with the spring planting, summer maintenance and fall cleanup for 2015.  Please call Ruth at 269-1903 or Marion at 261-4864 if you can spend a few hours on this worthwhile project next year.  If they do not have enough committed volunteers in the near future, they will be forced to return responsibility for the gardens to the City of Winnipeg and the Still Bloomin’ Gardening Club signs will be removed.  Thanks for your response.


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