Videographers and Story Tellers Wanted

May 18, 2018
PAL (55+) is going Hollywood! Calling all Amateur (and Professional) Videographers!
PAL (55+) has received a grant to create a video to be used to raise our profile in the community and to educate seniors in particular. With that in mind, the video committee is interested in viewing any PAL video footage that you may have taken over the last few years. Credit will be given. Should you have footage, please contact Johanna Denesiuk at  
We also want to hear inspirational stories about how PAL (55+) has added to/changed your life as a senior, what PAL (55+) means in your life. If you can offer to share  these memories, please contact Johanna, as above, or and we will be in touch with you about how to submit them.
PAL (55+) also archives all photos taken and articles written. If you have photos and, in particular videos, we need them.

Thank you in advance.


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