Beginners’ Yoga

This class will focus on the foundational poses of yoga and on simple Pranayama (breath exercises). Comfort and ease in the body will take place over alignment as body awareness and mindfulness grow in the participants. Feel free to bring any extra tools you may have (blocks, straps, blankets, etc) to help support your body and find your best expression of the yoga asanas!

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Intermediate Yoga

The expectation that the participant has some prior experience with yoga and can recognise and express the foundational poses of a Hatha yoga practice. Some Vinyasa (Flow) sequences will be included with the practices. Participants are still encouraged to find their own best expression of the pose and listen to their body, and to modify when necessary.

Instructor:  Andrea Robin
Supply List – Yoga Monday GCC
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Seniors Yoga – All Levels (at Fort Garry Community Centre)

This practice will be designed for beginners but modifications for advanced versions of the poses will be demonstrated if the participants feel the like challenging themselves. Vinyasa/flow sequences will be introduced. Pranayama/breath work will continue to be a part of the practice. Students will be able to learn from and encourage their fellow participants by the simple act of practicing with students of all levels!

Instructor:   Andrea Robin
Supply List – Yoga FGCC
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Restorative Yoga

If you have an injury or chronic tension or pain, restorative yoga is your best option as it is much slower moving and gentler. Yoga props such as blocks and bolsters are used to achieve appropriate depth in yoga postures. Discover the healing power of Yoga Therapy.

InstructorAiyanna Lajeunesse

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Seniors Yoga, Mixed Level

This gentle yoga class is a relaxing class that focuses on gradually improving flexibility and bringing greater ease to the body and mind. Regular practice will produce benefits such as helping to regulate sleep patterns, stress relief, and restoring the body to a state of wellness.

Instructor: Sarah McKiel

Supply List – Yoga Thursday GCC
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