Seniors Yoga: Beginners

This class will focus on the foundational poses of yoga and on simple Pranayama (breath exercises). Comfort and ease in the body will take place over alignment as body awareness and mindfulness grow in the participants. Feel free to bring any extra tools you may have (blocks, straps, blankets, etc) to help support your body and find your best expression of the yoga asanas!

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Seniors Yoga: Intermediate

The expectation that the participant has some prior experience with yoga and can recognise and express the foundational poses of a Hatha yoga practice. Some Vinyasa (Flow) sequences will be included with the practices. Participants are still encouraged to find their own best expression of the pose and listen to their body, and to modify when necessary.

Instructor:  Andrea Robin

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Seniors Yoga: Gentle Yoga (Cancelled for Winter 2020 term)

Gentle Yoga incorporates seated and standing poses, focus on breath, balance practice and slow flowing sequences. Participants must be able to move easily from seated to standing and have some previous experience with yoga.

InstructorAiyanna Lajeunesse

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Tai Chi

In this course, we will discover and develop the “three treasures” of jing- body, qi- breath and shen-spirit, through the gentle and restorative practices of qigong and tai chi. Each class will include a full-body warm-up to loosen and align the joint systems and relax, stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons to facilitate the flow of chi through the body. Special emphasis will be placed on alignment to help with balance and posture. 

Instructor: Jolie Lesperance

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