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Line Dance

Line Dancing has evolved over the years to include many genres of music and many rhythms. There is something for everyone. No partner is required as everyone dances in a line and repeats a sequence of steps.

It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable, stretchable clothing. Shoes should not have too much grip to allow for dancing movements.

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Instructor: Karen Hodgins Bio

Painting – Mixed Media

In the 10 classes this program will help you to explore the mediums of your choosing, perhaps mixing a few. The instructor is available to assist you however she can and maybe show you a few techniques that have worked for her. You may finish more than one piece during the program. Others will prefer to spend the entire 10 classes on the same masterpiece. The choice is yours.

Classes may cover:

– Composition, perspective, balance/realism, abstract or impressionism.

– Properties of mediums – working wet or dry in different degrees, introducing texture if desired.

– Background, foreground, focal points

– Color relations (warm & cool, saturation opaque or transparent)

– Still life, trees, man-made objects

– Water, reflections, glass objects

– Highlights, low-lights, lights and darks

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Supply List – Painting – Mixed Media

Instructor:  Arlene Enns bio

Writing from Within: Beginning to Write Your Life Stories

Begin to explore writing from within your heart, mind, and soul as you tell stories from your life. Experience writing from within our group, as you connect through sharing written thoughts and memories while providing feedback to each other in a supportive setting. New writers welcome!

While sharing and learning about writing-based concepts related to travelling the journey from non-writer to self-published author, we will discuss such topics as playing with language and sentence structure; editing and self-editing; brainstorming; using photos to help tell your story; having a purpose to write; being accountable to a writing group; dealing with the truth; and taming the thoughts and memories.

Writing your own life stories at your own pace, you will be encouraged to create at least one short piece during each week and network electronically so as to provide feedback to other participants. Classes will include a short writing activity each session and time to review weekly written pieces and feedback.

Instructor: Elaine Hansen  Contact

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Writing from Within: Continuing to Write Your Life Stories and Explore Self-Publishing 

Continue to learn more about self-publishing and explore new themes as you add to your life story while writing from within your heart, mind, and soul.

Experience writing from within the group while considering ways to share your writing in print.

As we continue stirring up memories based on new themes, we will also re-visit your current writing collections and examine ways to take your life stories to print in ways that work for you. You will be learning more about the self-publishing process and taking it as far as you want to go, with the option of working on individual self-publishing projects with consultation as needed. We will aim to keep the memories flowing amidst the joy of writing and creating.

Instructor: Elaine Hansen  Contact

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