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Convenor: Pat Opalka

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Line Dance

Line Dancing has evolved over the years to include many genres of music and many rhythms. There is something for everyone. No partner is required as everyone dances in a line and repeats a sequence of steps.

It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable, stretchable clothing. Shoes should not have too much grip to allow for dancing movements.

Level 1 – An Introduction to line dancing. Basic steps, lots of repetition, fewer turns, slower music. Last half hour is combined with Level 2.

Level 1 Program Details

Level 2 – For experience dancers. More advanced steps, less repetition, more turns faster music. First half hour is combined with Level 1 class.

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Instructor: Karen Hodgins Bio

Write On

Write On is a creative writing program developed to assist senior writers master the fine art of storytelling.

Instructor: Lorraine Klymco

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