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Line Dance

Line Dancing has evolved over the years to include many genres of music and many rhythms. There is something for everyone. No partner is required as everyone dances in a line and repeats a sequence of steps.

It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable, stretchable clothing. Shoes should not have too much grip to allow for dancing movements.

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Instructor: Karen Hodgins Bio

Painting – Mixed Media

The instructor will be giving an introduction to oils and will use a step by step approach to painting a composition. This will give everyone a chance to take home a complete painting. Depending on the level of the group, we will determine what to paint and how fast. 

For those who don’t want to use oils, this can be done in acrylics. A retarder to slow drying can also be used to imitate the properties of oils. 

A canvas of 16 X 20 or 18 X 24 will be used for our first painting.

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Supply List – Painting – Mixed Media


Writing from Within: Continuing to Write Your Life Stories and/or Focus on Individual Self Publishing Projects

Classes will continue following the same format used in our Winter Session. As self-publishers continue working on individual projects, teaching strategies will be ongoing individual consultations and/or small group instruction. Continuing writers will explore new weekly themes adding to life story collections. Pre-requisite: Writing from Within: Continuing to Write Your Life Stories and Explore Self-Publishing.

Instructor: Elaine Hansen     Contact Information:

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Writing from Within: Continuing to Write Your Life Stories and Explore Self Publishing

Continue to learn more extensively about self-publishing and to explore new writing themes as you add to your life story while writing from within. Pre-requisite for this course is Writing from Within: Taking Our Life Stories to Print from the 2018-2019 session.

Instructor: Elaine Hansen   Contact Information:

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