PAL's Winter 2020 Schedule -Updates and more Changes

January 24, 2020

Start Planning your winter activities now. Download your NEW copy of the Winter 2020 Program schedule here.  You can download a registration form here, complete it and mail it to the office.  Stay active – stay healthy! Remember that if you are signing up for any fitness/exercise class, that the instructor will require a PAR-Q form to be handed in. You can find that form here

Winter Schedule 2020 Changes 
Please refer to the attached schedule for the following changes, effective immediately:

  • Zumba for Seniors is at Wednesdays 11:00 am at Yoga Pilates & More 
  • General Muscular Strength conditioning class Friday at 10:30 at Grace Church

More changes:

  • Line Dance class 2 cancelled 
  • Gentle Yoga class cancelled
  • Write On Friday class cancelled
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