PAL (55+) Volunteers Needed

September 16, 2019
Volunteering is a great way to stay active and engaged in your community.  It allows you to meet new people, to learn new skills and to keep your body and brain engaged in the life of your community.

With just 2 part-time staff, PAL (55+) is always looking for volunteers to help run the organisation. While we are grateful to have had a number of people step up to fill roles on various committees, we are always looking for more volunteers to join us.

Currently we need people on these committees:

  • Membership and Outreach Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for developing initiatives to increase membership, and for reaching out to the community in general to promote events that are free to attend.
  • Programming Committee: The Program Committee oversees the various clubs and drop-in programs, as well as social outings such as bus tours.
  • Communications Committee: The Communications Committee disseminates information to members and to the community at large. Tasks include the distributing group email announcements, maintaining a web page and Facebook presence, and producing the PAL Pulse newsletter a few times per year. As well, the committee maintains a digital archive of photos and videos from PAL events over the years.
If you are interested in joining any one of these committees, please contact Janice Handford at or Jerry Johnstone at
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