Important Changes to Drop-in Programs

January 14, 2019

On January 1st, 2019 the PAL (55+) Board will be implementing changes that affect Drop-in programs run either onsite (Grace Church) or offsite.  Drop-in onsite programs include Bridge, Afternoon Movies and Still Bloomin’ Garden Club. Offsite programs are PALputtters, Men’s Casual Breakfast, MoviePALs, PinPALS Bowling, LunchPALS, and PALpeddlers. 

Why are we making changes? 

•               To improve the benefits of being a PAL Member

•               To encourage membership in PAL

•               To improve consistency in policies applied to drop-in programs

•               To lessen insurance concerns for non-members attending PAL programs

•               To cover the costs of running programs  (PAL membership fees and program fees are expected to cover costs)

What are the changes?

       1. Fees: 

·      For Drop-in onsite programs, the non-member fee will be raised from $3 to $5.  There is no change to member fees.

·      For Drop-in offsite programs, there will continue to be no fee charged.  A voluntary donation may be suggested.

2. Membership:

·      For all Drop-in programs, non-members will be identified and asked to join before the next meeting.

·      The Membership Committee will contact non-members who continue to attend to encourage their joining PAL.

·      Please note that it was already a policy that attendees be members but the policy was not consistently applied.

3. Meeting Notifications

·     Meeting notifications sent by conveners will be sent only to PAL Members registered for the program. 

If you have any questions, please contact the PAL 55+ office

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