Fundraising Strategy Report

November 26, 2017

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from Executive director, Alanna Jones: In the spring of 2017, PAL (55+) had the good fortune of being selected by the Fundraising Consulting team of Roxanne Tackie and Rochelle Greaves (Story Point Consulting) to be the recipient of their professional services for the purposes of building our fundraising capacity.  Soon after we were doubly blessed when PAL member and volunteer Jerry Jerrett agreed to Chair PAL’s Fundraising Committee.  Over the past six months Jerry has worked with Executive Director, Alanna Jones, with input from the Story Point Consultants, to develop a Strategic Plan for Fundraising.  During this time, Roxanne and Rochelle volunteered their services to PAL in development of various fundraising resources and recommendations for future action. The Strategic Plan for Fundraising has been through the Fundraising  & Finance Committees and was approved by the Board of Directors at the October Board meeting.  Going forward, Story Point Consulting will be contracted in various aspects of this plan, and will work alongside the Fundraising Committee, the Board and the Standing Committees, as required.  More details will be released in the upcoming PAL (55+) newsletter and at the Christmas party on Thursday December 7, 2017. Please click on the link below to view PAL’s Strategic Plan for Fundraising document.  If you have any questions or comments about this matter please contact Alanna Jones at

To read the Pembina Active Living (55+) Strategic Plan for Fundraising go here


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