A few important announcements

February 07, 2015

A donation from the Canadian Bridge Federation Foundation, January 50/50 winner and volunteers needed to plan and manage the Zing into Spring Event.

We recently received an unexpected $500 donation to promote bridge and provide bridge instruction. The Canadian Bridge Federation has donated $1.2 million dollars to Canadian charities over the term of its existence. Thank you to the Federation!  To learn more about the Federation, visit www.cbf.ca

Congratulations to Brenda Zebrynski who won $34.55 in the January 50/50 draw. Another draw will be made on February 27. Don’t forget to get your tickets – 3 for $2 or 1 for $1.

Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of activities for PAL’s Zing into Spring Event on March 19.  Get involved with your organization today!  Click here for details:  Zing into Spring 2015 volunteer opportunity


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