Photographic Disclaimer

Pembina Active Living (55+) is developing a visual history that includes photos from our many events and programs. These photos are used on our website, newsletters, media releases and other promotional materials. Pembina Active Living (55+) assigns an Official Photographer at all our events and will always display a privacy disclaimer whenever a PAL (55+) Photographer is assigned.  Only official photographs will be archived and used for PAL (55+) promotions.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please let our Official Photographer know and they will do their best to respect your wishes.  You will always have an opportunity to opt out of closeup photographs; however, there are occasions when you may be included in a group photo. Photographs posted on the PAL website will be removed upon written request to and approval from the Executive Director. Any photographs removed from our website will also be removed from our archives.

 April 13, 2019